• Cache County School District elementary school counselors offer short-term individual counseling to students, as well as small group counseling. Skill areas that may be addressed in these settings include: Friendship and Social Skills; Dealing with Anger, Anxiety, Sadness or Loss; Learning Self Control; Improving Self Esteem; Leadership Skills; and Making Responsible Choices. Parents/guardians or school staff may refer students for counseling, or students may request counseling for themselves. Parental consent will be required prior to a child receiving counseling services for any of the following:


    1. If a student makes more regular requests for counseling help (more than two times in the school year) 

    2. For planned group counseling activities

    3. For individual counseling services that are planned on a regular basis 

    School Counseling services are short-term services aimed at the more effective education and socialization of a child within the school community. These services are not intended as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment for any mental health disorder. If your student received counseling services in the past, they will not be automatically re-enrolled this year. You should reach out to your student's teacher or communicate with Mr. Miggin if your student has a need and you would like your student to receive counseling services this year. Please feel free to contact Mr Miggin at the school for any additional information.

    He can be reached at:  dan.miggin@ccsdut.org  or call at Providence School: 435-752-6010 (ext 2577)