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  • Your student's bus now has the capability for parents/guardians to use a smart phone application to notify you when the bus enters custom alert zone. The app is free and participation is optional. 


    App Setup Instructions 

    1. Install the "Zonar MyView" app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

    2. Create an account. You can sign in with Google/Apple or create an account via email. 

    3. Enter your information for name/email/password to use the app. (This is not your student's info.) 

    4. District Access Code is: CAC1159 

    5. Enter the bus number you want to follow. You will enter each bus number you want to follow. 

    6. Enter your student's PowerSchool ID

    a. The student's name must be entered as it is in PowerSchool.

    b. If the last name in PowerSchool has two last names, it is the first initial of the first last name in PowerSchool. 

    7. Additional students can be entered as needed. 

    8. Create an Alert Zone An alerts zones in a 'digital fence" on the map that will alert you when the bus enters that zone. You can create several Alert Zones. You may want an alert zone around your home. You may also want a zone down the road from your home as an alert will be triggered when the bus enters that zone. Each school has a Zone around them so you do not need to set a zone around the school. 


    To Create the Alert Zone: 

    1. Type in the address you would like the zone to be at. 

    2. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right to search for that address. 

    3. Select which bus(es) you follow that will enter that zone. 

    4. Adjust the zone size to your desired size. The alert is sent as the bus enters the boundary. *


    **All setups or changes will take approximately 24 hours to activate. Activity and Field trip buses on the activity or field trip do not have this capability at this time.


    Troubleshooting Common issues:

    • Not receiving notifications. Check to see if push notifications are enabled in the device settings.
    • An Alert zone has been created, but not receiving notifications. Check to see that the bus is tied to that zone. Check the alert zone is on the bus path.
    • Notifications coming too late. If the bus has already arrived by the time you get the notification, you will need to expand the alert zone to be larger. This will ensure you receive the notification in time. 


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