SCC Minutes November 16th, 2022

  • Community Council November 16th, 2022

    Attendance: Megan Armstrong, Julie Broschinsky, Terra Stanko, Reconda Meier, Danny Greene, Stephanie Adams, Rebecca Ginos, Mariah Checketts  
         Approval of minutes: Motion to approve minutes by Terra, 2nd by Rebecca, motion to approve Oct. minutes approved. 
          Next meeting is January 18th, 2023 (We may meet in December if a need arises. Final decision to meet will be made by Dec. 14th. 

    TSSA expenditures: We do have some very old teacher computers that need to be replaced, but the budget is still able to do that. 

         Trustlands budget is stable and allocated appropriately.

    Holidays: Are there families in the school community in need of clothing and/or holiday gifts for the winter? 
           -Please let the office or an SCC member know ASAP

    Safe Route: We are still looking to get the sidewalks added and painted for the safe route to schools based on identified “at risk” areas of the walking routes to school. (As identified in October’s meeting).

    Title 1? We have not gotten the numbers yet for that from the state. 

    TSI? We have not heard if we are on TSI status yet.

    Front Entrance access: When will the new entrance system be installed? No update yet on when that will be installed. 

    Positive feedback from parents on the Halloween parade tradition continuing.

    Fundraisers: We are hoping to do a walk-a-thon fundraiser instead of Cache Valley Direct books since we have a limited number of fundraisers we are allowed to do.