November Agenda 2022

  • Heritage Elementary School

    School Community Council


    Wednesday, November 9, 2022


    1. Welcome to Heritage Elementary School Community Council.

    2. Review SCC Minutes from last month (October).

    3. Approve last meetings minutes from October.

    Motion to approve 1st ______________________

    Motion to approve 2nd _____________________

    1. Big Thank You to our PTA for sponsoring, organizing and hosting Safety Week at Heritage.

      1. Internet Safety taught to every child 1st-6th grade at our school in our computer lab.

      2. Anti-Bullying and Kindness taught to every Kinder- 6th grade in our Library.

      3. Kindness Challenge “Acts of Kindness Performed” given to all students.

    2. Safe School Information Angela Sorenson

      1. Safe Routes to School Jenni Theophilou

      2. Kids Empowered Scheduled for November 21,28,30

      3. Safe Schools/PBIS Matthew Mallory 

    3. Reading Counts Information Gretchen Gibbs.

    4. RISE Testing Data from prior year Shalayne Merrill.

      1. Area we need to improve the most (i.e. Math, Science, ELA)

      2. Determine which academic area we would like to improve.

    5. Needs/wants for the upcoming year.

      1. Technology: Continue to upgrade and keep on our 3-year rotation

        1. Teacher Computers, Short Throws/Televisions, Microphones, Doc Camera

        2. Student Chromebooks, iPads, head sets, microphones

        3. Other Technology

      2. Para-Professionals

        1. Reading Aides, Amity Interns, Classroom Aides etc. 

    6. After-School information provided by Bonnie Bickers.

      1. Discuss what we are doing as a school.

      2. Provide information to the council about this program.

    7. AAPPL Testing for our DLI Spanish students 3-6 grades is taking place this week. 

      1. Report on how we handled this assessment in our computer lab Shalayne Merrill

      2. What a Teacher needs to be doing for AAPPL. Maria Jones

    8. School Land Trust spent year to date

      1. Update what we have spent year to date.

    9. District sets the due date for spring reports. 

    10. Reading Plan Review/TIER II information by Mindee Larsen

    11. Motion to Close this meeting:

      1. Motion to close 1st ______________________

      2. Motion to close 2nd _____________________

    1. Thank you for attending