•           Carry Over $4,005
            Allocated: $81,085
              Total: $85,090
              Remaining Funds: $0
      Description Category Budget Amount
    Goal # 1 We will identify students who may benefit from behavioral, social, and/or emotional support and provide them with the appropriate services through the assistance of our school counselor.
    We will decrease our school-wide rates of in-office referrals for behavior by 5% from fall to spring of the 2021-2022 academic year.
    Behavior and Emotional Support & Improving Outcomes for English Learners $16,999
    Goal # 2 Teachers will receive new and updated technology and will increase their use of this technology in their teaching. Improving Outcomes for English Language Learners
    Highest Academic Need
    Instructional Technology
    Goal # 3 Students will have daily access to updated technology and supporting computer software programs in reading and math. Instructional Technology $8,899
    Goal # 4 Students will receive specialized instruction in smaller groups on their learning level in reading, writing, math, and behavior support. Teachers and aides will teach and assist learners who are below bench mark in these areas. This includes our ELL population. The goal will be to have students scoring 80% or higher on grade level assessments through Tier 1,2,and 3 instruction. Improving Outcomes for English Language Learners
    Highest Academic Need
    Behavior Support - Multitiered
              Total Budget $85,090