• Title 1 Information (English)

    Understanding Title 1
    Birch Creek Elementary

    Title 1 Defined

    A federal allocation of funds for schools classified as low income for the purpose of assisting students to demonstrate proficiency related to the state’s academic standards.

    Purposes of Title 1

    • Help students to achieve proficiency on state academic standards (primarily in Reading/ Language Arts and Mathematics)
    • Build teacher capacity through quality professional development
    • Enhance parents’ abilities to help their children succeed through quality parental involvement activities

    Schools Eligible for Title 1

    A Title 1 school receives Title 1 funds based on 40% of our students qualifying for free and reduced lunch.

    Effective Use of Title 1 Funds

    • Personnel
    • Textbooks and supplies
    • Professional Development for faculty and staff
    • Parent engagement activities

    Improving Student Achievement

    • Instruction delivered by highly qualified staff.
      • As parents you have the right to request information on if your child’s instruction is being provided by a paraprofessional and also their qualifications.
    • Timely identification of learning needs through assessment.
    • Targeted interventions for those who need additional instructional help.
    • Annual review of school academic progress.

    CCSD Curriculum

    • Math uses the GoMath Curriculum aligned to the state standards.
      • Formative and Summative Assessments are given.
      • The iReady Assessment is given 3 times a year to monitor progress. ●
    • Language Arts Curriculum is aligned to the state standards.
      • HMH Into Reading
      • Early Reading Intervention CCSD Curriculum ContinuedSaxon Phonics
      • Reading for All Learners
      • Additional Research Based Curriculum
        • Formative and Summative Assessments are given.
        • The ACADIENCE Assessment is give 3 times a year to monitor progress.
    • Science Curriculum follow the state standards.

    Review of Academic Progress

    • Review of academic progress at PTC:
      • RISE scores
      • Acadience
      • Classroom Tests and Homework

    Professional Development

    • School plans describe the professional development that will be provided to support teachers in meeting student needs.
    • Quality professional development includes strategies that are ongoing and provide follow-up support to help teachers successfully implement strategies.

    Family Engagement

    • School Parent Compact
    • Parent “Right to Know” requirement
    • Input into planning and implementing of parent involvement activities.
    • Access to assessment and evaluation data

    Highly Qualified Staff

    • Teachers meet the Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) requirements
    • Paraprofessionals must meet Highly Qualified (HQ) qualifications
    • Services provided by paraprofessionals are under the direct supervision of and in close proximity to a Highly Qualified Teacher.

    How Can You Help?

    • Apply for the Free and Reduced lunch program even if you think you may not qualify.
      • Information can be found on the district web page.
    • Attend Parent Teacher Conferences with your children.
    • Sign the Student/Teacher/Parent Compact.
    • Support your children by helping them complete their homework each night, read 20 minutes daily, getting good rest and making it to school on time.

    Additional Ways to Support Birch Creek Elementary

    • Boo to the Flu at the school October 6th from 4:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.
      • We receive funds for each shot given.
    • Cache Valley Direct Card Fundraiser
      • Please purchase from our school.
    • School Pictures
    • Boxtops
      • Digital App
    • Support our PTO
      • School T-shirts
      • Spring Fundraiser
    • Lee’s Marketplace
      • How to Select a School: Go to leesmarketplace.com and log into . (upper right hand corner of the screen)
      • Once logged in, on your rewards dashboard select Buddy’s School Rewards (the 4th tab under ‘Welcome to Rewards’)
      • Scroll down and select the circle to the left of the school you would like to support. The page will automatically scroll to the bottom where you will click ‘Update Your School’.
      • You can see which school you are supporting under ‘Your School” on the left-hand side of the screen just above the school list
    • Attend our Annual Literacy Night help in January.
    • Participate in Parent and Family Engagement Strategies sent home in the Principal Newsletter and Leader In Me Information.
    • Attend School Community Council Meeting the 4th Tuesday of the Month at 4:00 P.M.
    • Join the Parent Teacher Organization.

    Open Door Policy

    • My door is always open. You are welcome to stop by, call or email me if you need anything. I appreciate all of your support.
    • You are welcome to review our Title One Plan online or there is a copy in the office.
    • Together we make a great team helping you children be successful.


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