Classroom News - What's Up In Mr. Hawkes' Class

  • This page will give you an overview of the weeks activity.  I will update this page every Friday.

    August 30- September 3


    We are working on Topic 1 in the math book.  This topic deals with place value.  Practicing saying and writing large numbers is a great way to practice the basic concept of place value.  We have started taking timed fact tests in class.  We will work on addition and subtraction facts for the first few week.  It is important that students practice for about 5 min. each night.


    The vocabulary and spelling this year is tied to the stories that we will be reading in the Reading Street book.  The first story is The Red Kayak.  Lists of vocabulary and spelling words can be found on site.

    Science Mr. Hawkes' class

    The first science unit that we will be studying is Heredity.  We will talk about plants and animals and how traits are passed from parent organism to offspring.  We will discuss specialized structures that animals and plants have that help them survive in their specific environments.  This first unit will last for 8 days.


    Read Aloud Book

    I will be reading Maniac Magee to the class to start the year.  It is one of my favorites.  It is a fun read for parents also.  Ask your child to tell you about the book.