• Ridgeline School Community Council

    February, 8, 2022 7:00 AM

    Attendance: Doug Snow, Andy Lund, DeAnna Stahlings,  Nicki Ellis, Holly Fronk, JennyLyn Little, Dianne Theurer, Bonnie Odd, Kyle Day, Jeffrey Nielsen


    Approval of minutes from last month

      -Motion Holly Fronk

     -Second Dianne Theurer

    Review of Trustland plan and reallocation of funds for current needs.

      1. Doug Snow proposed that money that was not able to be used for para professionals be moved to tech. $1,400. 
      2. Procedure was voted on and approved by all members and sent to the school board for approval

    Review of Budget

                  1. Still under budget and looking to hire.

    Counselor Minute

                  1. March College Reviews for Juniors


                   1. Snow talked to Mike about the approved Apps for teams and clubs. They are adopting everyone using

                       the RemindMe App.

                   2. Traveling Policy for clubs and teams: Overnight hotels 1 student per bed. Purchasing mats for kids to be

                        able to at least keep 3/room.