Returning Student Registration

  • Welcome back to Cache County School District.  We are happy to have you return to our schools.


    The registration process may be slightly different for returning students, depending on the timing of the return.


    If your student is returning during the same school year in which your child previously attended, follow the steps below: 

    • Fill out the reenrollment form, which is a paper form. 
    • Call the school and see what documents the school needs you to bring. 
      • The needed documents vary based on reason for leaving and the time frame that has passed between leaving and returning. The school will know best what is needed.
    • Bring the completed paper enrollment form and the required documents to the school.


    If your student is returning in a different school year than your child previously attended, you need to go through the full enrollment process as if your student was new. (Sorry!  The state makes us do this because too many things may be different.)  Please note the following:

    • As you go through the new student enrollment process, you will be asked to set up your PowerSchool Parent Account.  You may already have one from when your student previously attended. If you need help recovering your PowerSchool Parent Account username or password, click here.
    • As you fill out the registration forms in PowerSchool for your student, you may see some that are already filled out.  Please ignore this and fill them out again with the current information.

    Click here to go to the New Student Registration page.