• Ridgeline School Community Council

    November 92021


    Attendance: Doug Snow, Holly Fronk, DeAnna Stallings, Candice Hansen, Diane Theurer, Kyle Day, Jef Nielson, Bonnie Odd, JennyLyn Little


    Approval of minutes

                    -Motion Candice Hansen

                    -Second Doug Snow


    I.    Review Budget

          a.       An overlook showed money spent so far was on teacher and paraprofessional salaries

    II.    Presentation by Project Aware and RHS Counseling Department

          a.       5 full time counselors, one senior advisor from project aware

         Counselling office main areas:

                     1.       Plan for college

                     2.       Social & emotional support

                     3.       Collaborative classroom instruction & parent reach out

                     4.       Systemic program development

                     5. Other areas they cover and how: Hope squad, Data project is ACT prep for Juniors, Systemic intervention- 2.0 or less meet & keep motivated, try to Meet with all seniors

                     6. They help teachers - mindfulness and self care

             b. Project Aware: Brooklyn RHS part time

                     a. Helps with: provide a safe place, help teach coping skills, connect to community resources, Supporting others through Group counseling

                     b. Overall Project Aware is focused on secondary Schools, 3 schools in the valley have full time. All are paid through grants funded through 2024.

                          1.       Tier 1: Online suicide intervention. Mindfulness,  Good behavior game, Self care for teachers

                          2.       Tier 2:  Outsourcing

                                                                iii.      What they need / are working for: Parent liaison, bridging gap between now and getting into professional counseling.

                                                               iv.      They use Sharps surveys to show data to community DSANH.utah.gov

                                                                 v.      What they hope to include:  classes for parents, more teacher inclusion (how can we tell teachers about students in trauma?)


    Next meeting Dec 14th. 7:00 AM