Sharing Positive COVID Results with the District

  • To help in our efforts to send out COVID exposure notifications more quickly and efficiently, CCSD employees and parents of students are invited to notify our nurses of positive COVID test results. A copy of the actual test results should be sent to and should show the following information: Name of the COVID-positive individual, the date the test was done, and the results of the test. Also, please include in your email the specific calendar date when the student/staff member began experiencing symptoms. If the COVID-positive individual is an employee, please indicate the school where you work and which days you were at work starting two days prior to your onset of symptoms.

    • Sharing test results is voluntary and the results will only be used for exposure notification purposes. The COVID-positive individual's identity will not be shared in the exposure notification.
    • It is not required that parents/employees share test results with the school, as the health department will send them once they receive them. Sharing this information will just help us send out exposure notifications in a more timely manner.
    • We cannot accept any test which is faxed, texted, or emailed to an individual's district email--it can only be emailed to
    • We cannot accept home tests or tests from a facility that does not report to the Health Department.
    • Students under 18 years of age are not allowed to share their test results and information. It must come from a parent.


    Once the school has received notification of the positive test, you will receive a return email with information regarding the COVID-positive individual's end of isolation date and return to school date.