• Ridgeline School Community Council
    Oct. 19, 2021 7:00 AM


    Administration: Doug Snow (principal), Andy Lund(Vice Principal) 

    Parents: Nicki Ellis, Holly Fronk, JennyLyn Little, Mandy Donavan, Candice Hansen, 

    Dianne Theurer, 

    Staff: Bonnie Odd, Kyle Day, Emma Smith


    Approval of minutes from last month

      -Motion Doug Snow

     -Second Andy Lund


    1. Review of Procedures.
      1. Doug Snow showed the spreadsheet that will be updated as we go through the school year. Blank as of right now.
      2. Procedure of moving money in any category will be voted by the council then sent to the school board to approve.
    2. Review of budget
    1. The trust money is to go to critical academic needs...Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics, any special needs associated with those and Tech needs.
    2. TSSA gives budget for other needs (not governed by council) 
    1. Review of Training
      1. School website is to have 
        1. Agenda
        2. Amount received
        3. Rules & Procedures
        4. Minutes
        5. Council members with emails
        6. An invite to serve
      2. Trainings are available at Schoollandtrust.org
    2. Teacher Evaluations
      1. Teachers sign up for time slot with Snow and Lund (the occasionally do a 10 minute drop in as well at different times)
      2. There are 10 standards that need to be evaluated -Lund made a new observation paper for easy note taking
      3. They do a review with the teacher as soon as possible after evaluation, where they discuss tools that are working as well as what needs tweaking.
      4. Some items they like to highlight:  4 to 1 positive, All Student Engagement, Check for understanding, Students knowing the objective
    3. There is interest in having the counselors come and talk about Project Awareness
    4. Power School Sinks to Canva overnight, but also teachers can auto “link” or hold scores until they hit submit


    Meeting adjourned to Nov 9, 2021 7AM