• School Community Council Meeting



    7:00 AM Library Classroom




    • Doug Snow
    • Andy Lund
    • Deanna Stallings


    • Nicki Ellis (2 years in Valley) - (Meagan and Laurana)
    • Holly Fronk (Austin)
    • JennyLynn Little (Celeste and Avonlea)  
    • Mandy Donavan - (Max Donavan)
    • Jeff Nielson - School board
    • Dianne Theurer (Porter)


    • Bonnie Odd
    • Kyle Day


    Not here:

    • Candice Hansen (Payton and Bentley)
    • Counselor


    First Order of Business nominate:

    Chair - 

    Vice Chair - 

    Secretary - 


    Bonnie Odd nominates Mandy Donovan as Chair

    Holly seconded


    Holly nominates Nicki Ellis as Vice Chair

    Jenilyn Seconds nomination


    Secretary - Holly nominates Jenilyn Little

    Nicki seconds


    Mandy welcomes, turn over to Doug



    Mission of RHS

    • Safe
    • Treated Well
    • Learn at a High Level

    Craze Training

    Relationships with Students are a priority

    Professional Development will be held on the 24th - High School at Green Canyon/Elementary and Ridgeline High School

    No school for students on that day.


    Budget overview

    Review of Data and Action Steps

    Hire extra aides - FLEx - Sped aide - After school aide - VISTA - PLC team meeting - Minority students - Class size reduction - Parent Liaison


    Question about FLEX being so early:

    The main purpose is to extend or remediate learning, not merely to be a homework time.


    Budget continued - technology pieces


    Counselors - (Deanna) Parent Scholarship (PTA) workshops - Scholarship days (next week)

    Revamping ACT prep for Juniors 


    Question - what does RHS do for ACT prep?

    Sophomore practice ACT - Junior FLEX classes = Davis gave a canvas course after November test



    Oct 6, 2021 SCC training (required) it will likely be virtual and hopefully recorded

    Next Meeting will be held October 12, 2021