"Test to Stay" Information

  • From the UDOH Guidance to Schools on Test to Stay:

    Governor Spencer Cox signed HB183, In-person Learning Amendments on Wednesday, February 2. The new law is effective immediately.

    The bill makes key changes to the Test to Stay (TTS) program:

    ● The requirement to conduct TTS events only applies if the governor, president of the Senate, speaker of the House, and state schools superintendent jointly determine, in coordination with the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), that TTS would be effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19 based on the currently circulating variant.

    ○ Per their letter dated January 13, 2022, the governor, speaker, president, and superintendent have indicated that TTS is not effective against the currently circulating Omicron variant.

    ○ As a result, schools are not required to initiate TTS events at this time.

    ● The timeframe for counting cases towards a school’s TTS threshold has changed from 14 days to a “number of days that is equal to the estimated incubation period” as defined by the UDOH.

    ○ Although TTS events are not currently being held, the UDOH, in consultation with Utah’s local health departments, has identified “the estimated incubation period” for Omicron as 7 days. This timeframe should be used for determining case counts until another variant emerges. This information will be posted on the UDOH webpage at https://coronavirus.utah.gov/case-counts/#schools.


    The law does not prevent voluntary testing within school communities and we encourage schools to work with their local health departments to respond to outbreaks and cases as they arise.

    ● If you would like to learn more about school testing recommendations or would like to get assistance from the state or your local health department to conduct testing at your school, please reach out to the K-12 Testing team at the Utah Department of Health at K-12Testing@utah.gov.
    ● We also recommend viewing the resources found on the Education page of the Coronavirus website for more information: https://coronavirus.utah.gov/education


    The bill also addresses the conditions under which an LEA can make the determination to transition to remote learning. We recommend you contact the Utah State Board of Education with questions related to this aspect of the new law. 


    For more information, please see the Test to Stay Guidance from the UT Dept. of Health.