• Items Not Acceptable at School or in the Classroom

    Do not bring unnecessary electronics and other expensive/valuable items to school.

    North Cache is not responsible for items lost, broken, or stolen at school. Any item

    that is distracting to the learning environment may be considered a “nuisance item”:

    a. Clothing advertising drugs, alcohol, gang association, gives the appearance of

    gang associations, or which display inappropriate language or designs. (Please

    refer to “Dress Code”).

    b. Hats, bandannas, or blankets. (Please refer to “Dress Code”).

    c. Revealing or distracting clothing. (Please refer to “Dress Code”).

    d. Food and drink are not allowed in the main building.

    e. Skateboards, longboards, rollerblades, shoes with wheels, any real or fake weapons

    such as guns and knives, etc.

    f. Weapons, chains (including wallet chains), explosives, flammable materials,

    lighters, or other materials dangerous to persons or property. (UCA 53A-3-502)

    Items may be confiscated. Building administrators may return items after contact with

    a parent/guardian.