• Bus Behavior

    Every student has the obligation to obey school bus regulations. The school bus and bus stops are considered extensions of the school.  Consequences may include but are not limited to:

    1. The bus driver and school administration may take appropriate disciplinary action.
    2. Loss of one's bus transportation privileges.


    Cache County Student Transportation Policy

    Where travel is involved, students must ride district-approved transportation to and from any school-sponsored activity.  Parents are the only persons allowed to provide return transportation in a private vehicle at any event (no alternate family members).

    District Transportation Policy states:  “Any student who knowingly avoids school officials so that they cannot be transported back from an event will automatically be excluded from Activity Trip bus transportation for a minimum of one complete year (365 days) or up to the remainder of the student’s school experience, at the discretion of the school administrator.”

    No school-sponsored activity (in or out of district) will be exempt from transporting students by district-sponsored transportation and adhering to the above policy.