• Cell Phones

    The district has adopted the following policy as a guideline for students in 7th & 8th

    grades: (see CCSD Policy II-H1)


    Students who choose to bring cellular devices and/or other electronic devices to school

    do so at their own risk. North Cache and Cache County School District assume NO

    LIABILITY for lost, stolen, or damaged devices.


    North Cache will allow the use of electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, etc.

    before and after school and during lunch breaks as long as they do not create a

    distraction or a disruption. Students needing to use their phone at other times during

    the day may arrange with a teacher in their classroom or in the office. Use of cell

    phones is strictly prohibited in classrooms, locker rooms, restrooms, and shower



    If there is reasonable suspicion that the cellular/technological device was

    used in the transmission of picture(s), recording(s) of a person(s) from a

    bathroom, locker room, and/or dressing area, the building administration

    may search the contents of that device, may confiscate the device, and/or

    contact local law enforcement representatives and make the appropriate

    reports” (CCSD School Board Policy).


    Students who violate these rules are subject to removal from school and may have

    their electronic devices confiscated for a period of time.


    Consequences may include:

    a. First violation: confiscation of phone; returned at the end of the day to the student.

    b. Second violation: confiscation of phone; returned after 5 school days or to the

    parent/legal guardian.

    c. Successive violations: confiscation of phone; returned to parent only with a signed

    contractual agreement requiring student to check in the phone to administration at

    the beginning of EACH school day.