• Lunch

    Students may choose a school lunch or bring their own. The National School Lunch Program waiver that provided meals at no charge to students has expired. This means that school meals will no longer automatically be no charge for everyone and you will need to submit an application to qualify for free/reduced breakfast and lunch.

    To determine if your child is eligible for free or reduced lunch, fill out the form, or contact the office for a printed form.  EZMeal Application (Free and Reduced-price lunch Applications and information) 

    For the 2022-2023 school year, a student may have one meal from the Main Line, Sandwich Line, or Pizza Line for $2.35 per day;  Ala Carte items will vary in price. If a student reaches a negative balance of $6, their lunch card will be taken and held by the lunch secretary until the negative balance is brought back to at least a zero balance. In this case, your student will need to go to the lunch secretary to receive a sack lunch until the negative balance is paid.

    Your student ID card is also your lunch card. Do not deface it. If a student damages or loses their ID card, they may purchase a replacement in the office for $1.00.


    • Breakfast - $1.75/day (Served: 7:15-7:35 AM)
    • Lunch- $2.35/day: Main Line, Sandwich Line, or Pizza Line
    • Ala carte items will vary in price. Items must be purchased with the student’s lunch card; no cash will be accepted.

    Lunch menus can be accessed on our school’s website by clicking on the Quick links.

    Lunch fees can be paid through EZSchoolPay.com.  They can also be paid by cash or check in the school office. To check your students' account balance, utilize EZSchoolPay, as it will have the most current balance listed.  If you are using PowerSchool to check your balance, it may not be correct.  PowerSchool can take several days to reflect a deposit on your account.