• Health Plans, Illness, or Injuries at School


    Health Plans:

    Students, who have medical conditions that require medications at school or regular health care attention, need to file a Health Plan with the district office and the school.  A student may never share medications of any type with another student.



    Students should report injuries to their teacher who will escort them to the office immediately.  A screening will be performed to determine whether a students is mandatorily sent home.  Staying in the restroom without notifying the office will be considered a sluff.   



    All children, employees, and parents who feel unwell or have symptoms consistent with COVID should stay home, PLEASE.


    • We encourage students to inform their classroom teacher immediately upon feeling unwell; students will be directed to report to the main office. Main office will be informed prior to arrival of student.
    • Upon arrival to the main office: a mask will be provided, the student will be asked to wash their hands, and wait in the sick room for evaluation.
    • Evaluation: a non-touch temperature & checklist for symptoms consistent with COVID will be performed.
    • If any of COVID related symptoms are present, student will be required to remain in the sick room until a parent/legal guardian/emergency contact can pick up the student from school. They may not ride the bus or CVTD home.
    • If sent home due to COVID symptoms, a student must either test negative to COVID, be fever free for 48 hours without medication, OR fully recover from the illness process prior to being allowed to return to school as defined by the CCSD Safe & Healthy School Protocols and in conjunction with BRHD.


    Disclaimer: New or changing information may alter the before mentioned COVID-19 protocol.