• Attendance Policy

    Excessive absences have a negative impact on student learning due to missed instruction.  Parents may access student attendance records and sign up for attendance alerts by phone, text, or email using PowerSchool. Parents/guardians have until one week after the absence to excuse it.  Attending school is the responsibility of the student and their parents or guardian.  Utah State Law requires all students to attend school until students are 18 years old. We understand there may be illness or special emergencies that require students to be absent from school. Attendance letters will be mailed home as indicated below in order to keep parents informed of student absences. We urge parents to help their student by not scheduling activities or doctor appointments for your students during school time or keeping students home for non-emergency family business.  Excessive absences will be reported to juvenile authorities.  Parents who willfully allow or keep their students out of school for inappropriate reasons are guilty of educational neglect. (UCA 53A-11-103)