• North Cache Philosophy

    The philosophy of North Cache is to provide a safe and positive learning environment.

    that encourages and recognizes active learning, healthy and happy lifestyles, and a

    respect for self and others.

    At North Cache, we are committed to meaningful student learning and the attainment

    of highly functional levels of performance and knowledge acquisition. We Believe:

    a. All students can learn.

    b. Grades are based on learning outcomes.

    c. Prevention is more effective than remediation.

    d. High Expectations + Responsibility = High Student Achievement.

    During this time of your life, education is your career. Coming to school is your "job.”

    Daily job expectations are:

    a. Take paper and pencil/pen to each class daily.

    b. Students need an official NC hall pass from their teacher to be in the hallways during

    class time and BARC time.

    c. Take appropriate materials to each class every day. Bring paper, something to write

    with, textbooks, completed assignments etc.

    d. Be responsible for your own learning at school. Learning is your first