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    Welcome to Cache County School District's 2021 Celebration of the Arts!

    We hope you enjoy this year's virtual District Celebration of the Arts. Just click on the links below to access the delightful creative work of many of the students in our district. We encourage you to watch all three presentations. Approximate starting times for each school's section of the visual arts movies are given below.

  •  Visual Arts Presentation, Part 1

    Birch Creek Elementary - 0:30
    Canyon Elementary - 2:00
    Greenville Elementary - 4:30
    Heritage Elementary - 6:40
    Lewiston Elementary - 8:50
    Lincoln Elementary 9:20
    Millville Elementary - 10:50
    Mountain Crest High School - 11:48
    Mountainside Elementary - 12:45
    Nibley Elementary - 14:45
    North Park Elementary - 16:45


  • Visual Arts Presentation, Part 2

    Providence Elementary - 0:30
    Ridgeline High School - 1:55
    River Heights Elementary - 6:00
    South Cache Middle School - 8:35
    Summit Elementary - 10:50
    Sunrise Elementary - 12:45
    Wellsville Elementary - 16:35
    White Pine Elementary - 18:20

  • Performing Arts Presentation

    Birch Creek Elementary Student Compositions
    Green Canyon High School Crescendo Choir
    Green Canyon High School Dance Recital
    Lincoln Elementary Bell Choir
    Mountain Crest High School Chamber Choir
    Mountain Crest High School Orchestras
    Nibley Nighthawks Rhythm Ensemble
    Ridgeline High School Chamber Choir
    Ridgeline Chamber Orchestra
    Ridgeline High School's Winging It Improv
    South Cache Middle School Illumination Choir
    South Cache Middle School Orchestra Concert
    Summit Elementary - "The Star-Spangled Banner"