• Ridgeline High School 

    Community Council Meeting

    March 2, 2021, 7 a.m.


    Members Present- Brittany Foster, Holly Fronk, Krista Useche, Bonnie Odd, Emma Smith, Diane Theurer, Jennifer Loscher, Mandy Donavan, Mary Perez, Jim Crosbie

    Visitors- Keri Babbitt, Riley Fraser, Nicholas Redmean


    Members Absent- David Hiatt, Kyle Day


    Motion to approve was made by Bonnie Odd, Brittany Foster second.  Approval of minutes was approved by council.  

      1. Principal Foster’s Update on Trustlands
        1. Review of School trustland plan goal.  Student scores on the ACT, AP, CTE will be at or above the level shown in the measurement section by May 20/21.  ACT measure was 21.9, AP 72%, CTE 80%.  Action plan was to hire 2 or more EL aides, a success coordinator, hold school wide department PLC team meetings, sending staff to PLC, grading or other conferences, hire a vista intern, provide after school tutoring for students, send minority students to a diversity day at a university and providing supplies for improving their performance, class size reduction, hire a special ed aide, and purchase grade cam with writing recognition.  
        2. From the above list Ridgeline has hired the EL aides, flex secretary, flex aide, the success coordinator position was filled with a certified math teacher who will help to meet the needs of the students (she is here for Flex and one period after Flex)(.  Department meetings and coordination was held throughout the summer and will continue after school hours. The Vista intern has been hired.  After school tutoring is available after school in math.  Diversity Days may also need to be virtual, but that is yet to be seen.  Class size reduction money is enough to pay for one full time teacher for math.  Special Ed Aide has been hired.  Grade cams have already been purchased.  
        3. Trustlands Budget:  
          1. Teacher Salaries Budgeted-111,999 Remaining-58,168.50
          2. Parapro Salaries Budgeted-46,049 Remaining-29,136.61
          3. Ret/SS/Insur. Budgeted-38,956 Remaining-21,926.86
          4. Substitute Teach Budgeted-2400 Remaining-1940
          5. Employee training Budgeted-4900 Remaining-3106
          6. Other Professional Budgeted-8250 Remaining-1250
          7. Teacher Travel Budgeted-4700 Remaining-4700
          8. Student Travel Budgeted-750 Remaining-620
          9. Supplies Budgeted-5073 Remaining-0
          10. Software Budgeted-6800 Remaining-0


    • Total Budgeted-229,877 Remaining-120,196.77(52.6%)


      1. Proposed Trustlands Goals for 2021-22
        1. AP - students scoring 3 or higher 75%
        2. State ACT for juniors av. composite 22
        3. CTE pass rate 80%
        4. Aspire 9th science 49%
        5. Aspire 10th science/sage 55%
        6. Aspire 9th math 62%
        7. Aspire 10th math/sage 66%
        8. Aspire 9th english 63%
        9. Aspire 10th english/sage 70%
      2. Proposed Trustlands Budget for 2021-22
        1. Budget amount 232,086
        2. Planned expenditures
        3. Parent liaison 65,000
        4. Flex/nest aide 18,000
        5. ESL Aides 16,000
        6. SpEd Aides 16,000
        7. After school tutoring(math) 14,000
        8. Vista Intern 7,500
        9. PLC team meetings* 40,000
        10. Diversity Day 2,000
        11. Class Size Reduction 53,586
        12. Total 232,068
      3. Motion to approve was made by Holly Fronk, second was Jen Loscher
      4. Approval of next year's Trustands budget was approved by the council.

    1. Counselor’s update:  Jen Loscher
      1. PCCR (Plan for College and Career Readiness) appointments with the counseling office are finishing up.
      2. Registration for next year is finishing up and meetings with the administration will begin to determine the classes that will be offered next year.
      3. A planned school wide suicide prevention presentation will happen this trimester.
      4. March 15-19 is College Week for juniors.  Because of COVID presentations from the various schools will be done virtually.
      5. The counseling office received funding for a College Access Advisor.  They will help the students prepare for college, scholarships, and applications to schools.  This is a full time position that is yet to be filled. 


    1. Other:
      1. Next Meeting Topics
      2. Limited activities  held due to COVID.  
        1. Athletic events are allowing 25% capacity for spectators.
        2. Extracurricular COVID testing: of 350 tested no positive results
        3. State ACT day for juniors is March 9.  Sophomores will also be taking a practice test that day.  Freshman and Seniors do not have school.
        4. School Dances:  Sweethearts (Apr. 17) & Senior Ball (May 8)- participation requires a negative COVID test that is administered on thursday before the dance.  
        5. Basketball finals:  Girls lost, boys played at 7pm this evening.


    1. Next meeting April 13, 7 a.m.