Hats Off Award for Teachers

  • Here's an opportunity to recognize the amazing teacher who has made a difference in your life or your child's life!

    Hats Off Plaque The Cache Education Foundation recognizes roadblocks many teachers face due to limited funds, increasing class sizes, and other difficult circumstances. Fortunately, educators throughout Cache Valley are aware of the benefits they receive when they make a difference in a child’s life, and persist despite these common educational barriers. Quite often, there is an outstanding educator who goes above and beyond the usual efforts of a teacher. To these mentors, we say thanks and “Hats Off” to you.

    Teacher nominations for these prestigious awards are submitted by students, parents, community members, teachers, administrators, PTA, and school community councils (NO FAMILY MEMBERS). The nomination link is below.


    Nominations are now open for the 2024-25 school year.  Nominations must be received by Monday, March 4, 2024, at 5:00 PM.

    Click here to access the form to nominate a teacher for the Hats Off Award!





    Examples of Hats Off Recipient Nominations -- The specifics make all the difference.

    Brady is brilliantly creative in how he teaches his students. He uses music, dance, art, food, and real-life scenarios to implement curriculum related to Anatomy and Physiology. My child made a cell structure out of candy to help remember the different parts of the cell. She was then required to go home and share the photo of her candy cell with me and tell me the different parts of the cell. In a group project, students made up a dance about how the body moves. Although my daughter was somewhat embarrassed, she laughed and created a memory that is invaluable. 

    Brady has his students sit in "med schools" during class. They compete in small groups against the other "med schools". His ideas and untraditional teaching methods not only keep his students engaged, but my child has told me more than once after taking a test, "I didn't think I knew the information that well. But I did! I feel so smart in this class!" For a high school student to feel smart and successful in a class that can be overwhelming and is often failed in a college setting speaks volumes. Brady Fonnesbeck is a valued addition to SVHS & CCSD. If only we could multiply him across content areas and schools.


    Megan is not just an outstanding educator, but a phenomenal person. I have witnessed students roar with excitement when Megan introduced a lesson or activity she has planned. Megan has created so many opportunities for her students to succeed in multiple areas. Her classes have built functioning robots out of LEGO sets, wired circuit boards, and built (from scratch) a fully functioning box car, in which the students were able to race at an annual event held by USU and involved multiple schools.

    Not only does Megan have a talent for teaching, but every one of her students has a special place in her heart, and she makes sure they know that. I don’t know many teachers that prepare extra lunches for students in case they need one, or open their homes on days when someone may not have one to call their own, but I am lucky enough to call that teacher so much more than just a colleague. Megan is someone who I can turn to for guidance in teaching and in life. She is one of the only people I know who puts others before herself one-hundred percent of the time. She supports her students and fellow teachers in any way that she can, all while raising kids of her own. Megan is one of Cache High’s finest, and deserves the best in this world.


    My son was placed in Mr. Walker’s class this year, and for that I will forever be grateful. It is not because of the subjects he teaches thoroughly or the way he entertains his students while doing so. It’s not for the emphasis he gives to reading and the impact it can have on your life. It’s not even for the class pets my son enjoys seeing every day! It’s because Mr. Walker runs his class where one of the most stressed themes is the importance of personal responsibility. My son has excelled this year, and has done it largely on his own, because he has realized it truly is up to him to do his best. 

    Mr. Walker has created an elaborate system of responsibilities and positions and payments due that has resonated with the children. My son came home so excited about filling out his own job application to apply for the position of zookeeper. He’d get paid for his work with “draco dollars” that would then help him pay to attend class parties and such. It’s been fascinating to see him develop this self-assurance and work ethic this year. Mr. Walker’s enthusiasm for teaching and creativity in doing so has been such a positive force for my child this year. He deserves to be recognized for all he does for his students.