• Ridgeline High School 

    Community Council Meeting

    November 10, 2020, 7 a.m.


    Members Present- Brittany Foster, Deanna Stallings, Holly Fronk, Krista Useche, Bonnie Odd, Emma Smith, Diane Theurer, Jim Crosbie, Jennifer Loscher, Mandy Donovan



    Members Absent- David Hiatt, Mary Perez, Kyle Day


    Motion to approve was made by Holly Fronk, Bonnie Odd second.  Approval of minutes was approved by council.  


    We are now ⅓ of the way through school.


      1. Principal Foster’s Update on Trustlands
        1. Review of School trustland plan goal.  Student scores on the ACT, AP, CTE will be at or above the level shown in the measurement section by May 20/21.  ACT measure was 21.9, AP 72%, CTE 80%.  Action plan was to hire 2 or more EL aides, a success coordinator, hold school wide department PLC team meetings, sending staff to PLC, grading or other conferences, hire a vista intern, provide after school tutoring for students, send minority students to a diversity day at a university and providing supplies for improving their performance, class size reduction, hire a special ed aide, and purchase grade cam with writing recognition.  
        2. From the above list Ridgeline has hired the EL aides, flex secretary, flex aide, the success coordinator position was filled with a certified math teacher who will help to meet the needs of the students (she is here for Flex and one period after Flex)(.  Department meetings and coordination was held throughout the summer and will continue after school hours. The Vista intern has been hired.  After school tutoring is available after school in math.  Diversity Days may also need to be virtual, but that is yet to be seen.  Class size reduction money is enough to pay for one full time teacher for math.  Special Ed Aide has been hired.  Grade cams have already been purchased.  
        3. Trustlands Budget:  
          1. Teacher Salaries Budgeted-111,999 Remaining-83,076
          2. Parapro Salaries Budgeted-46,049 Remaining-39,526
          3. Ret/SS/Insur. Budgeted-38,956 Remaining-29,951
          4. Substitute Teach Budgeted-2400 Remaining-2400
          5. Employee training Budgeted-4900 Remaining-3106
          6. Other Professional Budgeted-8250 Remaining-1250
          7. Teacher Travel Budgeted-4700 Remaining-4700
          8. Student Travel Budgeted-750 Remaining-750
          9. Supplies Budgeted-5073 Remaining-5073
          10. Software Budgeted-6800 Remaining-0


    • Total Budgeted-229,877 Remaining-169,833



    1. Counselor’s update:  Jen Loscher
      1. Utah College Application Week-  Oct 19-23  56% off seniors applied to at least one college.  Completed scholarship counseling with over 80% of the seniors.  
      2. This week we are in the planning with USU to take a group of diversity students to experience Diversity Days.  
      3. The Counseling office and Administration are concerned about students that have been quarantined and for some multiple times as the end of the trimester approaches.  Sending out email to parents of any student that has been quarantined with a link to a google form to fill out if that student needs up through monday to complete coursework. Opportunity to get grades up before they become finalized.
      4. Students are allowed one month prior to the coming trimester to put a change request for their upcoming trimester.  The week prior to the new trimester there are no schedule changes, allowing schedules to be cleaned up.  Classes need to be balanced each trimester.  This is done to make class sizes as small as possible.  Oct 1 the class count is audited and if there are more students then in the spring more funding is given to the school.  This allows more classes to be offered.  
    2. Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship Information
      1. October 27 NetSmartz, which is an internet and digital citizenship training provided by the Boys and Girls Club for a low fee was zoomed into the classes of every student.  In some ways there were advantages to this platform.  It allowed the students and teachers to discuss further in a small setting.  
    3. Other:
      1. Next Meeting Topics
      2. Upcoming School Events-non essential activities are still not being held due to COVID.  
        1. No extracurricular activities are being held except for state football playoffs for the next 2 weeks. 
        2.  Debate is still being held because they can do it on a virtual platform.  
        3. State football will include cheerleaders, drill team was offered but declined to attend.  All athletes will be tested prior to participation in the game.  As well as the cheerleaders.  Coaches also have to be tested.  
        4. The hard pause (2 weeks) allows the state and the Utah activities association time to put in a plan to test all athletes prior to activities.  
        5. Hopefully this will take the negative stigma away from being tested.
        6. Winter spectators will be limited to 25% as of now, this may change with possibly more strict guidance from the state.
        7. Girls Soccer were state champs, Football was 2nd in region, marching band was 2nd in state.  
        8. Rapid Test will be available at Green Canyon and Ridgeline for staff and students who are quarantined due to exposure if both parties were wearing their masks.  This is after 7 days without symptoms.  If the test is negative then they may return to school on the 8th day.  
        9. Currently 76 students are in quarantine due to school exposure, 4 active student cases and 1 staff case.  Throughout the trimester over 400 students have been quarantined.  This is almost ¼ of the student population.  
    4. Next meeting December 8 , 7 a.m.