8/19/2020 Welcome Back to School email

  • Dear CCSD Parents, 


    We are very excited for the opportunity to welcome your children back to school, whether for in-person instruction or in our online school. None of us have faced a school year quite like this one. 


    For those parents whose children are returning to our school buildings, the normal excitement of new school clothes and the anticipation of seeing classmates and meeting new teachers is coupled with the uncertainty of wearing a face mask, the anxiety of staying healthy, and new protocols for school activities.  


    We want you to know that this is new for us as educators as well. Despite the circumstances, we are committed to doing everything we can to make this a positive experience for everyone involved while at the same time doing our best to stay healthy and stay in school. 


    Although it will be challenging to physically distance in our schools, we will strive to distance where we can. We anticipate that we will have cases of COVID-19 in our schools, but we will do our best to reduce the spread and transmission of the virus through good hygiene practices, wearing face masks, and isolating and quarantining staff and students where necessary.  


    In order for our efforts to be successful, we need parents to commit to supporting us during this time. The flyer below is a daily checklist that parents can refer to and follow this school year. It has simple steps that, when followed, will help keep our students healthy and in school. 


    For those parents whose children are participating in our online school this year, we are committed to offering a quality experience. Although our online teachers are highly-qualified, some of them are new to this experience as well. We assure you that they are up to the challenge and excited to work with your children. We encourage you to stay involved with your child’s learning and to communicate with their teachers or our online support staff regarding any concerns that arise. 


    Have a wonderful, safe, and healthy school year!



    Steven C. Norton


    Parent Checklist