• Cedar Ridge Elementary

    Bully Prevention Training

    Every year students receive Bully Prevention Training. Here is a sample of what students are learning:

    • What bullying actually is. The definition of bullying is unwantedaggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated over time.
    • What their role is at school to make sure that all students can learn, plan, and feel safe at Cedar Ridge.
    • About verbal, physical, and social bullying. Students are given examples and all students should understand that this type of behavior is NOT allowed at Cedar Ridge. We will tolerate unkindness or bullying.
    • How to be an "upstander" and not a "bystander". An Upstander is a person that does not tolerate watching another child be bullied. A bystander is a person who stands by and watches bullying happen. At Cedar Ridge, we are upstanders, NOT bystanders.
    • What to do if they are bullied.
      • Students are learning to problem solve and resolve conflict on their own first. They should tell the individual bothering them to STOP directly and confidently. Students are taught that the way they say STOP is very important.
      • They should not continue to play with the person that is picking on them. This sends the wrong message.
      • Play near adults or other groups of kids.
      • IF THIS DOESN'T WORK STUDENTS MUST TELL AN ADULT IMMEDIATELY. Waiting a couple weeks to share with teachers will not be effective. Students have the responsibility to report bullying to their teachers.

    K-2 Bullying Resource
    3-6 Bullying Resource