Class of 2020
  • Mountain Crest High School Graduation Information


    Graduation Details

    May 27 and May 28

    • Personal Graduations 10:00AM-5:00PM
      • Each graduate has been assigned a time to come to Mountain Crest with his or her parents to celebrate graduation, walk through a processional down the halls of MC, and have his or her name annnounced while crossing the stage to receive a diploma.

    May 28

    • Virtual Graduation Ceremony 8:00PM
      • Our virtual graduation will be streamed beginning at 8:00PM using Twitch (no user account is neccessary).  A link to the program will be sent to parents and students.  Families can share the link with anyone that needs it.  The video program will be made available for download on May 29 so that anyone who would like a personal copy can download one.
      • Twitch Link
      • An audio broadcast will be available via local radio on 107.7 FM and can be streamed through their website for listeners outside the region.
    • Lighting of the MC 9:00PM
      • We will be lighting the MC after the graduation program in honor of our seniors.  Local radio will broadcast our school song as well as and a few other tributes to the Class of 2020.


    Letter From Mountain Crest Administration

    Dear Class of 2020, Parents, and Guardians,


    It has certainly been an unexpected ending to our school year.  What once appeared to many of our students as an extended Spring Break has now settled into the reality of a school closure lasting through the end of the year.  Classes have been moved online, activities have been canceled, and graduation plans have been modified.  There has been so much taken away from this graduating class, but it by no means changes how proud we are of the accomplishment of each individual graduate.  We wish to recognize this class’s contributions to our Mountain Crest family as much as possible and celebrate together while separated.  We have big plans to make our celebration of graduates an important and meaningful event for all those who participate.  It is time for us to focus on the positive of what we can do to create an event for the Class of 2020 that has never been done before and will likely never be done again.


    With that said we’d like to give our seniors something they can get excited about instead of focusing on what has been lost.  We know we cannot gather in a large group, but we have been approved to have students come into our building to be recognized.  We will be giving each senior a personal graduation moment to share with their parents.  All students will be assigned a time on either May 27 or May 28 to come to Mountain Crest, walk across our stage, have their names read, and celebrate this great moment.  MC will be spiffed up and decorated in its very best to mark the occasion and make this a special moment for our seniors.  More details will be sent as the date approaches.


    We know that a lot of what will make this graduation day special for our students will take place in the home as families gather together in small groups.  We will stream a recording of our graduation program on May 28 for all families to watch together.  The video will have all of the usual graduation fare that students expect.  Streaming the program will allow all of our graduates something to do together even though they are apart.  After the stream, a link to the video program will be made available and sent to our families.  Our graduation night will conclude with the lighting of the MC to honor our seniors and the playing of our school song.  For a final tribute to this class, we plan on working with our senior reps and exec officers to put together a celebration event as soon as restrictions are lifted and we are able to gather, giving those who wish to participate an opportunity to get together one last time.  


    How to make this day as special as possible for our seniors is a giant puzzle and we as a school have only a few of the pieces in these unique circumstances.  We encourage you as families to use the pieces that Mountain Crest is providing to combine with your own and create some great new family traditions.  It will take all of us contributing what we can to put this puzzle together in a way that captures how great this group of students is and how important they are to the long story of Mountain Crest.  Our graduation committee is working diligently to put this together, and we will continue to send more details as we solidify our plans for this event.  Thank you for your support in this unprecedented situation.




    MC Admin