• 6th Grade Welcome Video

  • Dear 6th Grade Students and Parents,

    We miss you! We have spent the last few days pondering and planning. Our hope is to provide you with an educational experience that is valuable and similar to what you receive at the school. We will be focusing on the most important concepts in lessons that we expect students to complete and master. Parents: We will not be reteaching this content when school resumes. Please help us hold your students accountable for completing this work. Optional learning activities will also be provided for students who would like to take their learning further.

    6th Grade At Home Learning Calendar
    Attached you will see our calendar that will help organize your classwork time. This will help you see what to do and when.

    Content Work through Google Classroom
    Students will access all of our classes in Google Classroom.  In these classes students will find the work for each day. Classwork includes watching videos of us teaching, doing practice pages, going to practice sites, taking tests/quizzes, etc. just like a regular school day.  Students are VERY familiar with how to log in and work with Google Classroom.  

    Every day students will be expected to visit and complete everything in the 4 main classrooms:
    -Your Homeroom (for daily information and news)
    -Language Arts

    Reading Homework
    We expect students to read every day for 30 minutes from their own personal book, as well as read extra time to complete their reading club book assignment. Please let us know if you need a new book!  
    March Madness will continue when we return!  Now is a great time to read and be ready to vote for 2020 Author of the Year!

    Video Conferencing through Zoom
    We will begin utilizing the resource Zoom to support our students individually and in groups. Zoom is a video conferencing tool that can be used on cell phones or computers. Your homeroom teacher will email a link for students to join on at least a weekly basis. Students will also have opportunities to Zoom with teachers when they need more support with their work. We will provide a google doc in our homeroom where students inform us of the best time for scheduled Zoom conferences. 

    What to do when I need help!

    1. Contact your teacher through email.
      1. rachel.holmgren@ccsdut.org (ELA)
      2. camilla.frenzel@ccsdut.org (Science)
      3. jessica.madsen@ccsdut.org (Math)
    2. Email us and let us know when would be a good time to contact you through Zoom (video conference).
    3. Call the school, 435-245-6442, and Mrs. Zilles will send you our way!

    Please contact us with any questions or concerns!

  • 6th Grade At Home Learning Calendar


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