• Ridgeline High School
    School Community Council Minutes
    February 11, 2020 at 7:00 a.m.
    Ridgeline Conference Room

    Members Present: Holly Fronk (Chair, parent), Bonnie Odd (teacher), Emma Smith (teacher),
    Kyle Day (teacher), Tara Bindrup (parent, secretary), David Hiatt (parent council member),
    DeAnna Stallings (AP-non-voting), Brittany Foster (Principal), Jim Crosbie (non- voting), Alex
    Hansen (counseling)
    Members Absent: Krista Useche (parent council member), Heather Murphy (parent council
    member), Mary Perez (Vice Chair, parent),
    Visitors: Marcie Lyons (parent), Diane Theurer (parent)
    Conducting: Holly Fronk
    Agenda Item #1: welcome and approve minutes
    Agenda Item #2: Update on school Land Trust budget and other information-Principal

    Review of remaining budget. Allocated $195,000 total, remaining monies are about $47,000.

    Remaining money allotted for teacher conference will be rolled over for next year. We still have
    the $2,000 allotted for digital citizenship. We can carry over 10% of our budget for this year’s
    for next year’s plan. Special Ed. Aide didn’t work out again. Monies are set aside for salaries
    for summer school but may possibly use this money for summer training for teachers. Cache
    High offers summer school and can do it more efficiently, so we may go that route. Next year’s
    Trust Land budget will be about $15,000 more than this year, at $212,000.
    School Leadership team met yesterday to come up with next year’s goals. Next month these
    goals will be finalized so we can work on the school improvement plan. When making the goals
    for the plan, we are working off the previous year’s data. This year’s goals were based on UT
    Aspire plus. Shooting for 1-2 % increase in test scores for 9th and 10th grades. The ACT and
    Ap Pass rate goal will remain the same.
    Science scores appear low at 48.6 % proficient, but is higher than the state average score.
    Aspire test is new so it could be attributed to these lower test results.
    Today is the last day for the practice ACT for Juniors.
    ACT study sessions for Math will be after school on 2/18/20, English 2/20
    State ACT for Juniors will be March 3
    Pre- Act for sophomores- March 3-different from practice act., more detailed data, school pays
    for this pre -ACT test.
    Approved changes to student council combined Exec and Reps and will be called Student
    Council, additional members will be added, totaling about 20 members.

    Agenda Item #3: Update from counseling office-Alex Hansen
    District may be changing how registration is done, possibly from Power school and student
    choice. Students would be able to choose classes and teachers within the framework of
    required graduation classes. Still looking at pros and cons. Most schools in our district are
    moving in this direction. This would allow the students to have more choice. Emma suggested
    that students choose class and not teacher. All this month of February counseling office will be
    working on schedules for next year with makeup days in March. Student demand is driving
    schedule now, concern that if students switch to this way of registration, may not be able to
    make changes to class schedule in time to meet demands.

    Agenda Item #4: Digital Citizenship update- Bonnie Odd-
    Collin Kartchner raised his rates for traveling to Cache Co. $1000 more ($500 per assembly).

    Brittany decided not to schedule him because of increased cost. Bonnie and Brittany feel this
    subject is adequately covered currently in our school. May release video done by district to
    Agenda item #5: Parking Lot Safety discussion- Decided to have the school resource officer
    more present in parking lot. The other part of teacher parking lot opened starting yesterday.
    After school hrs. north side pickup is encouraged for student pick up; west side of school is
    best for before and after school.
    Agenda item #6: Upcoming school events: ACT test for Juniors March 3, Pre ACT for
    sophomores -March 3, ACT study sessions 2/18 for math and English 2/20 after school
    Next meeting: March 10, 7:00 a.m. conference room
    Minutes prepared by: Tara Bindrup