• Ridgeline High School
    School Community Council Minutes
    January 14, 2020 at 7:00 a.m.
    Ridgeline Conference Room


    Members Present:

    Krista Useche (parent council member), Holly Fronk (Chair, parent), Bonnie Odd (teacher), Emma Smith (teacher), Kyle Day (teacher), Tara Bindrup (parent, secretary), David Hiatt (parent council member), Heather Murphy (parent council member), Mary Perez (Vice-Chair, parent), DeAnna Stallings (AP-non-voting), Brittany Foster (Principal), Jim Crosbie, (non-voting)


    Members Absent:

    No members absent



    Marcie Lyons (parent), Diane Theurer (parent)

    Conducting: Holly Fronk

    Agenda Item #1: welcome approve minutes

    Agenda Item #2:Principal Foster’s update on School Land trust budget and other information: School report cards rated exemplary based on Utah Aspire Plus scores, growth is commendable, English learner progress is “developing”, “postsecondary.readiness” was exemplary based on ACT score, graduation rate, and college readiness course work. Would like to work on attendance), post-secondary enrollment is 36%. For the full report,
    Google “Utah School Report Cards”.

    Budget update- 54% remaining, most of the funds used for salaries, except grade cam and potential digital citizenship activities which we haven’t started with.

    Upcoming events March 3 state paid ACT for Jrs., used TSSA funds for sophomores to take a Pre-ACT. It also gives teachers feedback to prepare sophomores for the ACT.
    Principal Foster asked for feedback about what to do with the Freshman and Seniors on this testing day. Feedback was given that the students enjoy the day off of school. Feb. 5,6,11 altered schedule- 75 min flex in a different flex class where Jrs. will take a practice ACT. Scores from these practice tests will be reported back to the students along with questions missed to prepare and study for the official ACT on March 3. Positive feedback was given from last year’s juniors on the benefit of this practice test in preparation for the ACT.

    Proposed changes to student council- election process (not just based on student votes, but an interview and portfolio process), a combination of executive council and reps all working together to plan activities. Will be educating students on these changes and holding a vote for a change in the school’s constitution. We would also like to add 6 to 7 positions to enlarge student council members. Both juniors and seniors will be allowed to run for office.

    Agenda Item #3: Update from the counseling office -Alex Hansen reported that the counseling office is working on getting information out to parents and students about registration. Only 2 parents attended the break-out session held during PTC on registration. Sending an email out with a presentation out to parents. More information will be coming shortly.
    Agenda Item #4: Digital Citizenship education update- Bonnie Odd- Survey went out to teachers to see what they personally teach in regard to the 8 topics of digital citizenship. The survey came back to 150 hours, adult roles and health curriculum covered the most hours. District developed 6 classes to be used during flex. The council needs to decide if we need additional classes offered or just keep what we have. We still have additional studies for students who struggle with digital citizenship behavior. Question was asked if these resources were available to parents. Bonnie responded that she will send the slide from the district out to the committee. Dianna asked what the mandate is from the state. Unsure if the topic to be covered every year or just once in the 4 years of high school. Brittany suggests that maybe we request other subjects that lend themselves this topic to include in their curriculum, i.e. business classes. We have $2,000 to spend for a possible speaker like Collin Kartchner, Brittany will check with district PTA.

    Discussion about the message of Collin Kartchner is a public speaker on this topic for an assembly. Emma suggested that if we were to have Collin as a speaker that it may be more effective to be geared toward the parents and less toward the students. Crosbie suggested looking for a variety of speakers to reach different groups of students. Holly suggested showing clips on the school news, law enforcement comes to talk to students, Danny Major was good for parents as a juvenile attorney. A suggestion was made to have short digital citizenship messages on the school’s morning news. Keep presentations short to keep in students’ minds, also include parents, will think about it and come back next month to discuss.

    Agenda item #5: Parking lot safety- David Hiatt expressed concern about the exit for lunch as a concern. He witnessed about 3 accidents, congestion issues, thought maybe segment parking lot so more user-friendly with large cars park in back and smaller cars toward the front. A suggestion was made that maybe to have the main pick up and drop off in front of the school. Foster said they could have the school officer enforce commons areas to be open for pick up after 4:00 p.m. only. South East parking lot is a problem with parents dropping off, bussing and seminary students crossing through this lot. We will further discuss with the resource officer to see what can be done.

    Agenda item #6: Upcoming school events: Sweethearts dance -girls choice, but all students are welcome to come stag, new fairgrounds event center, Feb. 2
    Drill team region and state coming up
    Swim region competition

    Other Parent Input: Holly put out a challenge for members to create or come up with a one-minute digital citizenship message for the school news for the next meeting.

    Future agenda: digital citizenship, parking lot safety

    A motion was made to adjourn the meeting (Holly). A motion was seconded (Brittany) and the meeting adjourned.

    Next meeting: 7:00 a.m. conference room

    Minutes prepared by Tara Bindrup