• Ridgeline High School

    School Community Council Minutes

    December 10, 2019 at 7:00 a.m.

    Ridgeline Conference Room


    Members Present: Holly Fronk (parent, Chair), Krista Useche (parent council member), Bonnie Odd (teacher), Emma Smith (teacher), Kyle Day (teacher), Heather Murphy (parent council member), Tara Bindrup (parent council member), Jim Crosbie (non-voting council member), Brittany Foster (Principal)


    Members Absent: David Hiatt (parent council member), Mary Perez (parent council member), DeAnna Stallings (non-voting)


    Visitors:  Marcie Lyons (parent), Diane Theurer (parent), Alex Hansen (counselor)


    Conducting: Holly Fronk


    Agenda Item #1Review and approve minutes -Holly asked if all had reviewed the minutes from October meeting.  Motion was made to approve minutes, motion seconded.


    Agenda Item #2:  Community council training-website and video, etc.- Holly sent the video to new parents to SCC and asked if all attending a chance to view it.


    Agenda Item #3: Principal Foster’s update on school Land trust budget and other information- shared proficiency results: Utah Aspire data comparison with other district schools and state. We are well above the state and higher than district in most subjects, need to look how to bring up and identify those who aren’t proficient.  Proficient in standards teaching middle school students also scored well on the RISE similar to Aspire. No changes on school budget update. Still has 68% of budget still remaining. Still need to hire a special ed aide.



    Agenda Item #4: Update from counseling office: Alex Hansen shared that the counseling office is looking into and analyzing what can be done to help students make better decisions concerning schedule changes. Currently, the counseling office is overwhelmed with schedule changes that are not based on graduation and future career readiness.

    Diane commented on the confusion of the class registration booklet for students and the other various items such as concurrent enrollment, scholarship requirements and the need for access to counselors for these types of situations. Alex responded that he encourages those types of counseling appointments.  Diane asked about 5th hr. skills class for track and how that affects schedules.


    Agenda Item #5- Brittany shared that the district has developed several Digital Citizenship lessons that are being piloted currently at South Cache and Mountain Crest. These lessons will be push to the secondary schools and implemented as feedback is available. Most likely these 15 minute lessons will be given during flex. Bonnie Odd asked who was developing these lesson and Brittany replied, Stacie Gomm. The district said these lessons will be ready for roll out in January. Bonnie commented that possibly the $2000 in budget for digital citizenship could still be used for a speaker.  Alex commented about getting Collin Kartchner. 

    Brittany mentioned that the district PTA had asked if we would be interested in having him back and she said, yes, but have not heard back from the district.  Brittany will follow up on the status.


    Agenda Item #6 Other:  Marcie Lyons expressed concern about blind spots in the student parking lot with the accumulating piles of snow. Brittany and Jim state that they are constantly addressing this issue and that the snow is consistently taking up about 20 parking spots.


    Agenda Item #7 upcoming: Riverhawk Christmas charity goal to earn $10,000 to use on families in the community for all types of needs, not just toys.  Exec does this charity event every year. Stomp after girls’ basketball game to earn money. Winter sports are going in full force.


    Future items:  email David Hiatt about coming next month to talk about parking safety concerns.


    Next meeting:  Tuesday, January 14, 7:00 a.m. Ridgeline High School conference room


    Minutes prepared by: Tara Bindrup