• Ridgeline High School

    School Community Council Minutes

    October 8th, 2019 at 7:00 a.m.

    Ridgeline Conference Room

     Members Present: Krista Useche (parent council member), Holly Fronk (Chair, parent), Bonnie Odd (teacher), Emma Smith (teacher), Kyle Day (teacher), Tara Bindrup (parent, secretary), Jeff Nielsen (school board member, parent), DeAnna Stallings (AP-non-voting), Brittany Foster (Principal)


    Members Absent:  David Hiatt (parent council member), Heather Murphy (parent council member), Mary Perez (Vice-Chair, parent)

    Visitors:  Marcie Lyons (parent), Diane Theurer (parent)


    Conducting: Holly Fronk

    Agenda Item #1: Counselor Update-Jennifer Loscher (Counselor Dept). Data Project- Review of data to identify gaps.  The last three years see a gap in Latino and minority students taking concurrent enrollment and receiving scholarships.  The first year our school focused on Latino seniors and helped them apply for scholarships. This was effective. 2nd-year focus was on sophomore and juniors getting them ready for concurrence enrollment classes and gave our interns the seniors to help them and this was not as effective.  Last year we focused on AP and concurrent enrollment and it was effective. This year’s goal is working on the freshman (Latino) in showing them the options. Focusing on maintaining 9th graders previous 8th-grade GPA's, at or above 2.635.  Need a 3.0 to qualify for concurrent enrollment classes.

    Utah College application week is Oct. 21-25 for seniors, offers help with college applications. Some colleges waive their application fees if apply this week.   Emails will be sent out to all parents. PTA has been going over scholarships with seniors. The counseling office has gone over an anti-bullying program with the freshman class.


    Agenda Item #2: SCC Roles and Responsibilities video- the council acts as an advisory committee to the local board. The local board is ultimately responsible.

    Foster asked if any questions on video. No Questions were asked.


    Agenda Item #3: Principle Foster’s update on school lands trust budget and other information: identified items  monies spent on and others in progress

    195,000 allocated 165,000 budget remaining

    Conferences for teachers coming up NSTA (4 science teachers), PLC (4 teachers) and SpEd Resource Aide will be hired in the next week or so.



    Agenda Item #4: Parking Lot Safety- wait till next month when Dave is here as he is the one that requested we discuss.


    Agenda item #5: Report from the athletic director of demographics of players-  Brittany reviewed fall sports by race.  Data shows a discrepancy of Hispanic representation at 11.6% in athletics compared to participation of 24% of student body whole.


    Agenda item #6: School community Council Training this week- Wednesday, Oct. 9, Ridgeline HS lecture Hall at 6:30 pm and also Oct. 10, Green Canyon HS lecture hall, 6:30 pm.  Chair of SCC needs to attend this meeting or any other council members, as well as Principals and AP’s.


    Agenda Item #8- upcoming school events-


                Oct 11: No School, Professional Development

                Oct 17-18:  Fall Break

                Oct. 21-25:  UCAW (Utah College Application Week)

                Oct. 30:  PSAT (for those who sign up)

                Nov. 1-2,4: Fall Play

                Nov. 1-2, Veterans Day Assembly (9:05 a.m. &10:10 a.m.)

                Nov. 18:  Last Day of 1st Trimester

                Nov. 19:  First Day of 2nd Trimester

                Nov. 27-29:  Thanksgiving Break


    Other- Parent input-

    Holly questioned about lunch money and how it is handled when a student account is negative.  School policy is to cut off at & -1.00.  Some students use multiple cards to evade payment so starting to punch a hole in old cards.


    A motion was made to adjourn the meeting (Holly).  The motion was seconded (Brittany) and the meeting adjourned.


    Next meeting: November 12, 7:00 a.m. conference room


    Minutes prepared by Tara Bindrup