We highly recommend students take the PCCR conference seriously and put some thought into which classes to choose based on their 4 year plan and career/college plans. Students will have the week of registration to make any necessary changes to their schedules. We encourage students to look ahead at future trimesters and make those changes prior to the beginning of the school year, if possible. However, prior to the end of the 1st and 2nd trimesters, students can make changes to their schedule with their counselor. The expectation is that all schedule changes are made prior to the last week of each trimester (finals week). We will not make any schedule changes during Final Test week (the last week of the trimester) nor will we make changes on the first two days of the new trimester. There will be no class changes after the 3rd day of each trimester. This policy is in place to help our teachers know who is enrolled in each class and to eliminate interruptions to their classes. We realize that there might be exceptions, such as teacher initiated changes, making a sports team, meeting necessary graduation requirements, or possible extenuating circumstances out of the students' control. We will accommodate such exceptions on a case-by-case basis.