• Ridgeline High School
    School Community Council Minutes
    September 10th, 2019 at 7:00 a.m.
    Ridgeline Conference Room

    Members Present: Mary Perez (parent council member), Krista Useche (parent council member), David Hiatt (parent council member), Holly Fronk (parent council member), Heather Murphy (parent council member), Bonnie Odd (teacher), Emma Smith (teacher), Kyle Day (teacher), Tara Bindrup (parent council member), DeAnna Stallings (AP-non-voting), Brittany Foster (Principal)

    Members Absent: Jim Crosbie (Assistant Principal),

    Visitors: Wendy Finley, Marcie Lyons, Diane Theurer

    Conducting: Brittany Foster

    Agenda Item #1: New SCC Members
    Discussion: Introductions were made by all those present at the meeting.

    Agenda Item #2: Elections to fill vacant positions on SCC- Chair, Vice-Chair & Secretary
    Discussion: Holly Fronk was voted Chair, Mary Perez voted vice-chair, Tara Bindrup voted Secretary.

    Agenda Item #3: School Community Council Training- October 9th/10th.
    Discussion: Flyer Distributed with two dates available locally at Ridgeline, Thursday, October 10, 6:30 Lecture Hall and Green Canyon, Wednesday, October 9, 6:30 Lecture Hall. Brittany will be attending the meeting at Green Canyon and encouraged all who can attend.

    Agenda Item #4: Principal Foster’s update on Trust Land budget and 2018-2019 test results
    Discussion: Principal Foster displayed slides showing trust land goals created last year with Principal Henke from data from 2018 for student scores on the ACT, CTE, and ACT Aspire. Brittany explained that we don’t always have the exact scores/data when we are creating the plan, therefore these goals were based on the data from 2018. We will have the data to compare in October. Goals are as follows: Act (Graduating Class)- 21.9%, AP (% passing all exams)- 72%, CTE (%proficient or highly proficient in all exams)-83%, ACT Aspire %proficient or highly proficient in each exam): ELA Reading 9th- 60%, ELA Reading 10th- 60%, Math 1-68%, Math 2-68%, Science- 65%

    Action Plan Steps—$195,026 allotted money from trust lands, the money is given based on the # of students we have.
    Monies allotted as follows:

    *Hired 2 or more EL aides-$16,000
    *Flex (Flexible Learning Experiences)/Nest (in-school suspension) aide-$17,000
    *Success coordinator- for students struggling and don’t fall under other categories of systematic intervention program such as the special ed. program. This coordinator visits with
    15-90 students a week-$14,000
    *School-wide PLC meeting for teachers to attend outside of contract time-$31,000
    *National conferences PLC-$12,000
    End of this month a few teachers will attend a PLC in SLC and Seattle in December for co-taught special ed./ regular ed. training
    *Hire a Vista Intern to work with struggling students, compile data and small group student workshops-$7,500. This position works closely with the counseling department. We only pay 1/2 of their salary because the Vista program pays the other 1/2.
    *Afterschool tutoring- $10,000
    *Summer school for credit recovery- $7,500
    *Diversity Day for minority students and supplies for the ESL program-$2,500
    *Class size reduction- 1 full time teacher-$69,000
    *Hire a special ed. aide-$12,000
    *Purchase grade Cam with writing recognition-$5,000
    *Digital citizenship activities-$2,000

    Britany asked for Questions regarding this plan and none where asked.

    Advanced Placement- Last year we had 258 students taking Advanced Placement classes, of which 183 scored a 3 or higher, which is a passing score and gives us a pass rate of 70.9%. Our goal this year is for a 72% passing rate.

    ACT Scores for the past three years were compared to the state’s scores. Ridgeline scores in all 3 school years (2016-2019) were higher than the state’s, which stayed close to 19.7 average. Ridgeline’s average score dropped in the 2017-2018 school year to 20.6 from the previous school year (2016-2017) at 21.3. Scores rose significantly back to 21.3 average this past school year. The ACT consultant says that .3 is considered statistically significant so this jump from 20.6 to 21.6 is enormous. Britany stated that this jump is something to be proud of.

    Act State benchmark scores were compared to Ridgeline ACT scores: Ridgeline’s English score was above State benchmark, math was below, reading is below, science is below, however, our composite is above state benchmark of 18 at 21.3.

    ACT percent and Average Composite Scores by Race/Ethnicity data was shared -Brittany explained there is a big gap between our general population of all students with the white students, compared to the minority groups, being significantly lower. Brittany pointed out that she is super excited about the jump in composite ACT score for the Hispanic/Latino population from 16.6 for the 2017-18 school year to 20.2 for the 2018-19 school year. Although lower than the general population, it is an enormous gain in this population of students last year.

    Agenda Item #5 Counselor’s update- no counselor present, will be saved for the next meeting.

    Agenda Item #6 Other:
    *Next meeting topics
    Huge increase in sports participation fees- parents wondering about the fee increase. Brittany explained that the State requires the school to post fees on the school’s website. This information should be posted by the district now, if not, by the next meeting. Referee fees also doubled due to shortage which contributed to fees increase.
    *Sports participation- a concern expressed for minorities being chosen for teams. Brittany was not sure of the percentages of minorities currently playing sports, but she stated that the school’s population of minorities should be represented by the same percentage of sports participants. Brittany will work on getting that data to be discussed at our next meeting.
    *Concern expressed for student parking lot safety, especially during lunch. Brittany suggested that we all be thinking of strategies that could promote parking lot safety.
    *NetSmart- Bonne Odd explained that NetSmart did not get the state contract this year. A company called Digital Responsibility has a contract which is a new company and are not be able to accommodate servicing our school. Bonnie will possibly take over this by using the NetSmart’s slides online and presenting on our own. We had set aside in our plan for $2,000 as a supplement to the NetSmart program to be used for the chronic offenders. Bonnie will continue to talk to the others involved to develop a program.

    *Upcoming events- Homecoming week this week, Parade 6:00 on Wednesdays, parade lineup and drop-off at 5:30. The powderpuff game following the parade. Thursday evening car smash and water games. Friday night football game against Bear River and dance to follow. Students do not need a date to attend.

    *Parent-teacher conferences coming up Oct. 7-8 no school on Tuesday the 8th. Next SCC meeting with is held also on Oct. 8.

    *Brittany again encouraged council members to attend the SCC training coming up.

    A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and the meeting adjourned.

    Next meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019, at 7:00 a.m.
    Minutes prepared by Tara Bindrup