• In the spring of 2018 we were informed that Canyon Elementary had been earmarked as a school in need of "TSI" or Targeted School Improvement.  This happens when a school has a subgroup that does not perform as well as expected for two consecutive years.  Our ELL (English Language Learners) population has not made the progress we would expect them to have made in the last few years.  We have created a comprehensive plan to help those students make extra gains this year.  The attached link will provide more of an explanation as to how a school is identified as a "TSI" school.  Feel free to come in and visit with Mrs. Williamson if you would like more information about the changes that have been made this year to ensure our ELL population gets the support and growth that they need.  We are very excited about the changes we have made and know this will make a huge difference for our ELL students.


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