• It was a hard decision, If you didn't make it come to Improv shows to see what it's all about, and try out in January!

    Wingin' It Improv Troupe 2019-20 Cast List


    Queen- Ashley Jackman

    Prince- Ty Saunders

    Fairy Godmother- Christa Harding

    Wizard- Erin Baer

    Milk Maid-Ali Brenchley

    Damsel in Distress- Karissa Eames

    Executioner- Rachel Griffiths

    Knight- Kelby Carter

    Alchemist- Carly Nisbet

    Lady in Waiting- Jenny Stauffer

    Minstrel- Brooklyn Monson

    Archer- Marie Davidson

    Witch- Rachel Sweeten

    Duchess- Sophie Harding

    Blacksmith- Austin Fronk


    Since it was so hard to decide and there was so much potential we will have

    some open improv rehearsals before the next tryout so you can gain some experience!