• 4th Grade Suggested Supply List


    School Supplies:


    $7 (for math program called Formative Loop)

    1 inch Binder (Any donations of extra binders would be appreciated!)

    Regular 9” plastic pencil box

    Box of pencils

    4 Expo Markers (dry erase)

    Colored Pencils (small box of 12) and/or Crayons (small box of 24)

    One spiral bound notebook (regular notebook)

    2 pens (any color but black) for correcting

    Large Pink Eraser

    Glue Sticks


    One highlighter

    Pencil Sharpener

    One box of tissue (donation for class use)

    Pkg. of cardstock- any color (donation for teacher’s use)

    Ream of printer paper (donation for teacher’s use)

    Clorox wipes or Lysol disinfecting wipes (donations for class use)

    1 roll of paper towels (donation for class use)

    snacks (donation for class use)

    Bandaids (donations for class use)


    *All of the student’s supplies that they will use in class need to fit in their pencil box.