• First Grade Suggested Supply Donation List 


    BLACK EXPO Dry Erase Markers (The fat ones are best. Please,  no colors.) 

    Kleenex Tissues 

    Hand sanitizer 

    Clorox wipes 


    Ziploc bags (any size) 

    1 ream of white copy paper 

    JUMBO glue sticks 

    Snacks: One package of snacks to share each month. Snacks  that are always a hit are: crackers, pretzels, cereal, graham  crackers, fruit snacks, cheese, and cookies. 

    Water bottles: each student needs to bring a water bottle to  school each day to help them stay hydrated. Please label your  child’s water bottle with their name.  

    Special donations: if you would like to help with some special  items that we will need during the year (things like cardstock  and sheet protectors), please let your teacher know! 

    Thank you!