Have a great Summer
  • Kindergarten classes will be posted on the school doors in July.

    Heritage Summer Office Hours:
    Hours are subject to change-
    please check the front door of the school.
    June 2019 Days and open hours
    June 3rd: 8-4 PM
    June 4th: 8-12 PM
    June 5th: CLOSED
    June 6th: 8-12 PM
    June 7th: 8-4 PM
    June 11th: 12-4 PM

    August 2019 Days and open hours
    August 5th: 9-4 PM
    August 6th: 9-4 PM
    August 7th: 8-12 PM
    August 8th: 8-12 PM
    August 9th: 9-4 PM
    August 12th-16th: 8-4 PM
    August 19th: 8-4 PM
    Tuesday August 20th Back to School Night @ Heritage Elementary 6-7 PM
    Wednesday August 21st: 1st Day of School