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LOCKDOWN Response Protocol

  • A LOCKDOWN response is activated when there is a real or perceived threat or hazard inside or in the immediate proximity of the school building.


    During a LOCKDOWN, students and staff in classrooms will immediately lock interior doors, turn off classroom lights, move out of the line of sight of windows, and maintain silence. School, district, and emergency personnel will respond to and monitor the situation until it is resolved.


    During an emergency, parents should stay home and check established district communication channels regularly. These channels include email, text, and phone notifications, as well as the district and school websites, and the district’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Parents should avoid calling the school office in order to keep phone lines open for emergency communication. Parents should not come to the school to see what is happening or try to pick up their children. Access to the school building will be restricted during an emergency, and law enforcement must be able to focus on the urgent situation at hand.


    Please keep in mind, since the safety of our students and staff is our primary concern, communication about the incident may be delayed until we can guarantee that students and staff are safe and the information is accurate. At that point, we will move quickly to communicate important information to parents and the community. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.