Communication During an Emergency

  • As student safety is our primary concern, no information about an incident will be distributed until we can guarantee that students are safe and that information is accurate.

    In the event of a lockdown or evacuation, phone messages and emails are sent out via PowerSchool to parents explaining the situation. Depending on the emergency, the school district may also post information on social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


    By and large, you will be notified if a lockdown protocol is issued, even if the duration is minimal. In order to ensure accurate information, this communication may come after a lockdown protocol has been issued and lifted.


    You can help with the following:

    • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date in your child's PowerSchool account. Automated messaging systems pull contact information provided by parents and students.
    • Follow Cache County School District’s and your school’s social media accounts. We will update patrons about a situation as soon as we have information that we can share. Because automated messages take time to record and disseminate, our social media pages may be the quickest information sources.
    • Do not go to your child’s school unless directed to do so. Police will restrict access to a school during an emergency.
    • Do not call the school unless directed. Staff members typically are not permitted to give out information during a crisis. Calling the school may tie up phone lines and take away resources needed to deal with an emergency.
    • Stay informed, but do not place your child in unnecessary danger. Especially in a lockdown protocol, law enforcement asks that parents do not call or text their child’s phone. This may put them in danger and may also distract them from following directions given to them on the ground.
    • Keep in mind that we will communicate with you as quickly as possible.