Drop off/Pick up Map & Procedures- English

Drop-off/Pick-up Map-English

Spanish- Drop off/Pick up Map & Procedures

Spanish- Drop off/Pickup Map
  • Parking at Greenville has always been a problem that complicates our student drop off/pick up.  This problem has grown as our student population has increased; more students walking, riding bikes, being dropped off and picked up. Please study the map; the new policy, designated zones, and appropriate usage for each. Please make every effort to comply. Please review the map with your student so they know where they should meet you after school. It will reduce much of the frustration and safety issues.

    NOTE: If you choose to park on the opposite side of the road from Greenville, please ask your child to cross at the corner crosswalk and then walk to your car.  Encouraging kids to run across 400 East or 2500 North gives an extremely poor message and put kids in danger.  Please help us keep your children safe by following this plan.