Drop off and Pick up:

  • Circle Drive: This area is for students who are prepared to immediately exit/enter the vehicle.  The entrance is on 400 East.  Keep the line moving by pulling as far forward as possible.  For their safety, students should exit/enter from the passenger side only.  Drivers do not exit vehicles in this zone.  Parents exit onto 2500 North with a right turn only.


    Parking Lots: Designated parking lots are on the west of the school and northwest of the circle drive.  These parking lots are for parents/caretakers to park, exit the vehicle, and assist their child to the school.  Do not stop or exit the vehicle in the middle of a parking lot.  Students in these areas must be accompanied by an adult until they are safely away from cars.


    2500 North: Buses drop off and pick up along 2500 North.  Please leave this area clear for buses.  North Park police have requested that students do not cross the busy streets by our school unassisted by an adult.  Students wishing to cross these streets should use the assistance of the crossing guard.   


    NOTE: If you choose to park on the opposite side of the road from Greenville, please ask your child to cross at the corner crosswalk and then walk to your car.  Encouraging kids to run across 400 East or 2500 North gives an extremely poor message and put kids in danger.  Please help us keep your children safe by following this plan.