map of Greenville Elementary with parking lots

Greenville Elementary Pick-Up and Drop-Off Plan:

  • As teachers, staff and parents of Greenville Elementary students, our PRIORITY is the SAFETY of all students and people.  We are continually reviewing the drop-off and pick-up procedures, and have identified necessary changes to encourage and ensure the safety of all of our students.  SAFETY is our number one priority!


    Please see below for our UPDATED procedures for carpool pick-up and drop-off:




    3 OPTIONS:


    1. PULL THROUGH THE CIRCLE DRIVE–Parents who choose this option will:

    • Pull up as far as possible (pick-up area in GREEN ZONE ONLY)
    • STAY IN THEIR VEHICLE the entire time
    • Load children quickly, on the passenger side of the car
    • Keep the crossing area in front of the school (at the top of the stairs) open–do not block

    2. LOWER LOT–Parents who choose this option will:

    • Park and get out of their vehicle
    • Walk up the stairs, cross at the crosswalk (at the direction of the crossing guard) to the school.
    • Get their child, walk back across at the crosswalk (at the direction of the crossing guard), down to the parking lot, and to their vehicle.
    • Do NOT go between cars to cross the circle driveway–ONLY cross at the crosswalk

    3. ALONG 2500 NORTH–Parents who choose this option may:

    • Park between the stop sign and the end of the circle drive (students will cross at the exit of the circle drive with the help of the crossing guard, and walk to their vehicle–they will NOT be allowed to cut across the parking lot).  
    • Park on 2500 North, east of the Bus parking area.  Students can walk up the sidewalk to their vehicles.  
    • Do NOT park on the North side of 2500 North, and have children cross the street from there (children will need to cross at the intersection, with the help of the crossing guard)

    Procedures for DROP-OFF in the morning will work much the same way–the drop-off area will be in the GREEN ZONE ONLY.  Please pull up as far as possible.  Parents using the lower lot will need to walk their children up the stairs and cross with them to ensure they arrive at the school doors safely.



    ~The WEST PARKING LOT will NO LONGER be available for parents to park or pull through to pick 

      up their children. This has become dangerous, with children walking through that lot, 

      behind and between cars, to get to their vehicles.  


    ~NO LOADING/PICKING UP of children on 400 EAST will be allowed.  Please do not park 

      on 400 East–that street is utilized as the line for those pulling into the circle drive, and is a safety 

      hazard when parents pick-up their children in this area.  


    As teachers and staff here at Greenville, we recognize that parents would like the drop-off and pick-up procedure to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  We have been working on these procedures for that reason, and for the main purpose of ensuring the safety of our students, and everyone else, which is our TOP priority.  As teachers and staff members, we will:

    • Make sure ALL staff members are trained on the new procedures
    • Increase the number of staff members during pick-up and drop-off to better enforce these safety measures and keep an eye on the students
    • Educate parents of the pick-up and drop-off procedures

    As Parents, we ask that you please:

    • Respectfully follow these safety procedures as outlined above.
    • Have children enter and exit the car on the passenger side during pick-up and drop-off, to ensure their safety, as vehicles are continually pulling out around other vehicles.
    • Help and support Greenville Teachers and Staff in our efforts to keep your children safe.
    • Remind your children to  walk on sidewalks, and cross in designated areas only.
    • Remind your children of these safety procedures

    Thank you so much for your help and support as we strive to keep all of our students safe here at Greenville Elementary.  Just an interesting bit of trivia–from the time the dismissal bell rings at 2:50, until the carpool line is done, pick-up ONLY takes about 7-9 minutes (yes, we’ve timed it)!  Trying to save an extra minute or two is not worth the risk of a child being injured.