• Cedar Ridge Elementary
    Digital Citizenship Plan/Report

    At Cedar Ridge Elementary, students and teachers use Chromebooks, iPads, and PCs. Each Chromebook has the “Go Guardian” software that allows both teachers and administrators a way to monitor what students are searching on the web.


    Teachers are monitoring what is going on, on student devices by walking around classrooms, as well as from Go Guardian Software.


    Teachers have the ability to limit access to certain websites, as well as digitally monitor student use through Go Guardian.


    At Cedar Ridge, students are encouraged to tell an adult immediately if inappropriate information appears. Teachers will report to school principal if a student has accessed inappropriate content. A phone call will be made to parents. Teachers are encouraged to report to the school administrator if inappropriate content appears on their school devices.


    There is teacher instruction on where students can go on the internet. Students are trained in the computer lab, library (Common Sense Media), PTA, and classroom.


    The administration at Cedar Ridge sees that for writing, research, coding, math and Science instruction, that constructive and proactive technology use is important.


    At Cedar Ridge we want to grow and maintain our portable labs. Labs are available for teacher checkout for classroom use.


    The greatest threats that we see for our students is the increased use of technology, cell phone, and social media use at home.


    Students are asked to leave all devices in their backpacks/ locker. Unless there is a medical need for students to have a device at school, devices are discouraged.


    Students are taught by the School Media Teacher the Common Sense Media Program, which teaches students how to safely navigate the internet.


    A Digital Citizenship Parental handout is available on our school website, as well as hard copies in the front entry of our school. Parents that have signed up for a Swift Power School Account also received the handout via email in the month of October.


    Websites that teachers use at Cedar Ridge Elementary are Utah Compose for Writing, RISE prep, Reading Counts, Google Slides/ Docs, Research websites, Kahoot (for review on science, social studies, and math) youtube for Science lessons, Audible for reading, Think Central for math, Utah Education Network, Mandarin Matrix (Chinese), Appleflics, EPIC, Seesaw, Prodigy, Minecraft, sphero Edu, Lego Edu, Jimu, Nearpod, Educreations, Doceri, Mr. Nussbaum, Cool math games, Spelling City, Free Rice, Prezi, etc.