Hatching Chicks in the Library

  • We are hatching baby chicks in the Library!

    Incubator start: March 31st

    Due Date: April 21st

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Eggs in the Incubator

eggs in Incubator

Baby Chicks Hatching!

chick 1
baby chicks hatching

Meet Covid! Chick #1

Meet Covid Chick #1

Meet QuaranTina! Chick #2

Meet Quarentina

Meet Covid And QuaranTina!

  • I was hoping and waiting, but two chicks are what we get this year. I also wanted to post some pictures where they don't look quite so... tired. They are so fun to watch. Covid never rests and QuaranTina thinks she needs to see to whatever it is Covid is looking at. (I actually don't know yet if they are boys or girls, but I'll let you know in a few days.)

    It's hard to tell until they're a little older, but it turns out Covid is a girl (hen) and QuaranTina is a boy (rooster). So subtle name changes were in order. Hens have 2 layers of feathers and the feathers are usually longer than males. Also, males have sturdier legs with tiny feathers (for this breed). 

Covid and QuaranTina
Meet Covid & Quarentina
Covid, chick #1
Quarentina, Chick #2

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