2019-2020 Principal Assurance - Regular Public Schools


    Community involvement is important to the Utah Legislature. It is important to the legislature that patrons know about opportunities to serve on their school community council and that elections are held properly. To assure election processes and other requirements are implemented consistent with the law and state board rule, the legislature is requiring that every principal complete this assurance prior to receiving funds from the School LAND Trust Program for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Cache ALT High School - Cache


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    For purposes of this form, "parents" means parents or guardians.
    Compliance Questions
    1. The School Community Council has been trained about their responsibilities and the requirements of:
        * 53A-1a-108 School Community Councils Authorized
        * 53A-1a-108.1 School Community Councils - Open and Public Meeting Requirements
        * 53A-16-101.5 School LAND Trust Program
        * 53A-1a-108.5 School Improvement Plan


    2. In a faculty meeting during the 2018-2019 School Year, the faculty was provided with an explanation of how the school is spending the School LAND Trust Funds and the amount of money the school received from the program during the year (This is not required but is considered a best practice).


    3. Notification Requirements:
    In order for schools to receive School LAND Trust Program funds, councils are required to provide certain notices to parents and to make all meetings open to the public.


    3-a. The public is welcome to attend meetings.  An agenda, including the date, time and place of the meeting is posted on the school website with draft minutes of the prior meeting at least one week in advance of each meeting.


    3-b. The following report summaries are provided on the school website, in the school office, and directly to parents without internet access before October 20th. 
        * A proposed meeting schedule for the year
        * A list of the trust land council members with a direct contact phone number, email, or both
        * Summary of the 2018-2019 School Plan Final Report


        * How were parents without internet access notified?

    Parent Teacher Conference handouts

    3-c. The school website also displays:
        * The Rules of Order and Procedure adopted by the council
        * The dollar amount the school receives each year from the School LAND Trust Program
        * An invitation to parents to consider serving on the School Community Council with an explanation of how parents can directly influence how the funds are spent.


    4. During the 2018-2019 school year, the School Community Council received and discussed a report from the district and school administration about internet filtering, technology, reporting policies, practices, training, etc. currently being implemented to promote safe and productive use of the internet. The School Community Council ensured that training was provided, either by the school or the district, for students and parents about internet safety and digital citizenship.


    Election process for the 2019-2020 School Community Council
    2019 Election Notification Date - when parents and staff were notified of the planned election.


    2019 Election Date - when elections were scheduled to be held, as noticed


    1. Notice of Elections
    Parents and employees were noticed at least 10 days in advance of school community council elections of open positions on the council, how to file and when the elections would be held.


    1-a. Fewer, or the same number, of parents applied for the open parent positions.  A secret ballot election was not required.


    1-b. Fewer, or the same number, of employees applied for the open employee positions. A secret ballot election was not required.


    1-c. A secret ballot election was held at the school.


    1-d. I (or my designee) oversaw the election.  The school used a secure ballot box for the parent election and the results of the election were saved.


    1-e. The parent members were elected by parents and the employee members were elected by employees.


    3. Appointments
    Positions that were not filled after the election, or after a member's resignation, were filled by the employee members on the council (for employee positions) and by parents on the council (for parent positions).

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    An election was held. Parents and school members volunteered for the School Community membership. We are a small high school and we have trouble finding and keeping parent members interested. We are excited parents wanted to volunteer again this year.

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    Sheri Hansen