• Cache Education Foundation

    Incentives for Excellence Technology Grant Guidelines

    Incentives for Excellence Technology Grants are available through the Cache Education Foundation for the purpose of directly enhancing the technology process to benefit students.   

    The Winter 2024 deadline was February 1, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.


    Submission Guidelines:

    • Only Cache County School District K-12 certified teachers and administrators are eligible to apply. 
    • For every dollar requested, an equal match from a private source is required. An applicant may be required to provide confirmation of the match. Elementary schools may use their $ 3,000 miscellaneous budget received annually as matching funds to be used in the application process.  State Trust Land Funds are not considered a match.   
    • Only 1 grant proposal from each school is allowed for each funding period. Grant requests will be accepted for $250 or greater, with a maximum of $1,500. 
    • Technology is generally defined as computers, tablets, projectors, digital cameras, scanners, smart boards, etc.
    • Preference will be given to those projects that show a direct link to curriculum enhancement and provide long-term classroom resources. A screening committee will work to balance projects and equitably distribute the available funding. 
    • It is expected that grant funds should be spent within three months of the award or by June 30th. All funds provided for these grants will be held on account with the Cache Education Foundation. Any residual amount remaining from a project after June 30th will be rolled back for redistribution. 
    • A final grant report is expected for each project and is due following funding.
    • A site visit may be required prior to the allocation of funds.
    • Funds may only be used for the project requested. 

    Grant Fund Reimbursement

    Grant funds awarded through the Incentives for Excellence Technology Grant Program are held on account with the Cache Education Foundation until invoices are submitted for payment.  Please send a copy of all invoices, etc. to Teri with the completed claim form.  As all funds are directed through the CCSD business office, the processing time to receive payment may vary.