The PACK Hour is based upon Green Canyon’s mission statement which is Purpose, Attitude, Connections and Knowledge. The purpose of this hour is to create time during the school day to support the following:


    1. Academics  –  Academically, we want every student to be successful. We not only want to ensure every student is passing their classes, but that they are also being challenged by mastering the curriculum.


    1. Extra-Curricular Activities – We want every student to be involved in extra-curricular activities. We feel strongly that students who are involved in extra-curricular activities learn important life skills, do better academically, and benefit from involvement in positive activities.


    1. Character – We believe it is important for students to develop strong character as part of their education including being responsible, self-motivated, and developing good self-management and social skills.


    1. Life Preparation – Upon leaving Green Canyon High School, we want every student to be prepared for the next step in life whether that is college, technical training, or the job market.


    What will Teachers be doing during PACK Hour?

    Each teacher will be available for at least 30 minutes of the PACK Hour to students. This can be at the end, or beginning of the hour. Teachers will use the PACK hour to support the areas outlined above which will include the following types of activities:


    1. Test/Assignment Make-Up
    2. Test Preparation
    3. Academic Enrichment
    4. Study Halls
    5. Peer/Adult Tutoring
    6. Club/Organization Meetings
    7. Intramurals
    8. Credit Recovery
    9. Counseling/Advisement
    10. Student Support Groups
    11. Teaching Study Skills/Learning Strategies/Self-Management Skills.
    12. Study Hall
    13. Computer Lab Access
    14. Office Hours
    15. Academic Restoration


    How will I know what teachers are doing during PACK Hour?

    Each teacher will post a schedule on their door that indicates the activities they will be offering during PACK Hour. Teachers will also advertise those offerings to students in their classes. Offerings will also be available on our website.       


    What other services will be available during the PACK Hour?

    The Counseling Office, Writing Lab, Career Center, Financial Office, and Front Office will be fully staffed during the PACK hour and available to students.


    What is expected of students during PACK Hour?

    It is expected that students will stay on campus during the PACK hour, will join us for lunch, and take advantage of the many activities that are provided.