• PCCR Meetings

    Each year, students will have the opportunity to meet with a member of the counseling staff to plan for and request their next years courses. We encourage all students to select their courses carefully during your PCCR meeting. Periodically courses fill up or their are conflicts in scheduling. We encourage all students to choose two alternaitve courses as well as the fifeteen regular courses. All class changes will follow the Green Canyon's Class Change Policy (see below).

    Class Change Policy

    All class changes must be completed prior to the beginning of the trimester.  In order to encourage students to plan ahead, students will be given time to make changes to their classes if needed. Prior to the beginning of the school year, students can access their schedule on PowerSchool approxixmatly 7 days prior to the first day of school. They will have that time to make changes as needed. However, after registration days, each student will have 1 opportunity to change their schedule. This change is set up to help our teachers be more prepared for that first day of school and there will be fewer disruptions. Prior to the beginning of 2nd and 3rd trimester, students will receive a copy of their upcoming schedule. At which time they will have a week to make changes. Begining 3 weeks prior to the start of the trimester, each student will be given 1 schedule change. Again, this is to ensure that students and teachers will have fewer class disruptions once the trimester begins.  Exceptions to this policy include changes due to team tryouts, graduation requirements, or an extenuating circumstance. There will be no class changes made after the 5th day of each trimester. 

    Counseling Services

    Each counselor is assigned a particular gruop of students (see meet the counselors page). Counselors are always available during PACK Hour, and at other times during the school day. We have an open door policy as much as possible. Pleae sign up with Mrs. Nyman at the Registrars desk or call or email the counselor to schedule a meeting.

    In addition, Guidance and Vocational services are available in the Career Center. 

    Counseling services through the Counseling and Guidance deparment focus on three areas: College Preparation, Vocational/Technical Training, and Job Entry skills.


    One half (.50) credit is awarded for the successful completion of one trimester of work.

    Make-up credit is available (see make-up credit page under graduation requirements).

    Bridgerland Technical College (B-Tech) courses are available for high school credit as well. Green Canyon will issue one half (.50) credit for 60 hours completed. An official transcript from B-Tech will be requested. 

    Concurrent Enrollment courses are available as well. Green Canyon will issue one half (.50 credit) for successful completion of concurrent enrollment courses. 

    Online courses are also available for high school credit. Please visit with your school counselor if your are considering enrolling in online courses.

    Grading and Reports

    Report Cards will be issed three times per year (after the completion of each trimester). We encourage parents/guardians and students work together for the best interest of the students. Report Cards are available to assist parents/guardians in preparing for high school graduation, career asspirations, and college preparation. 

    The following terms are used in Grading:

              A          Superior quality work

              B          Above Average work

              C          Average work

              D          Passing but poor quality work

              F          Failure - no credit given

              I          Incomplete - can change to passing grade if made up within a designated time period

              NG       No Grade - non-credit bearing class

              NC       No Credit - Attendance issues 

              Grades A and B are recommending grades for college work. 

    In addition to couse requirements, a student must meet the accepted standards of citizenship and behavior consistent with the ideas of the Cache School District and coplete the following:

    1. Be in attendance the equivalent of 12 trimesters in grades 9, 10, 11, 12
    2. Demonstrate compentencies through tests and class work as mandated by the Utah State Board of Education in communications, government, reading, mathematics and consumer of goods and services. 
    3. Completion of an Student Educational Occupational Plan (SEOP) developed cooperatively by the student, parents and school personnel during the PCCR process.