White Pine Elementary School-Parent Compact

  • White Pine Elementary Pledge

    At White Pine Elementary School, it is our goal to ensure that every child meets grade level standards. This will require the best efforts from each of us as we work together as a team. We are committed to challenging and motivating each child as they become respectful. responsible, and resilient. 

    I choose to be Respectful when . . .

    ____ I show kindness to myself with my thoughts or my actions.

    ____ I use kind words and actions towards others.

    ____ I show kindness to those who support my learning.

    ____ I will use active listening and direct communication to solve conflicts.

    ____ I will accept my part in conflicts with others.


    I choose to be Responsible when. . .

    ____ I accept the consequences of my actions, positive and negative. 

    ____ I accept that my choices affect others.  What I say and do matters.

    ____ I accept that my choices matter. 

    I choose to be Resilient when . . .

    ____ I give my best effort even when things don't go as planned.

    ____ I accept my mistakes as opportunities for me to learn.

    ____ I seek help from others when I’m unsure.

    ____ I accept the difference between not knowing and not knowing YET.

    ____ I accept feedback as a gift. 


    I pledge to be respectful, responsible, and resilient.


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    Please sign and return this form to the school office with your child